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Special Tools for special designers: software and services to boost the productivity of your engineering department.

Drawings conversion

From .idw to pdf, dwg or dxf: just select the assembly, end export all parts drawings with one click.

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Spare parts Catalogs

Extracted from CAD Inventor and paginated seamlessly in Excel/Word or in PDF, also 3D.

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Custom Solutions

For Autocad, Inventor and Office users: Have you ever thought about how many tasks can be automated?

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Why ToDoT?

CAD users know how much of their time is dedicated to design, and how much to other activities that are important to communicate with the rest of the company, but involve repetitive tasks such as printing or converting files.

We can save much of this time with design automation: our software is engineered to save time, you can automate repetitive tasks, and have engineers spend their time for design, development, innovation. We make it possible providing to the engineering department our specialized software, to be the CAD companion who makes the work smooth. Our products, are interfaced with industry standards, such as Autodesk Inventor and Microsoft Office.

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3D PDF from Inventor

Convert your models to 3D PDF to share them with whoever you want, make lists, spare parts catalogs, instruction manuals that put 2D and 3D together.
3D PDF solves many problems of communication: from concept to production to sales, showing the models interactively, detailed and with high quality.

Imagine sending to potential customers a PDF file to describe your products features, with the capability to view it, rotate it, illuminate it and explore it in 3D...
Imagine giving your clients a PDF file with user and maintenance guide, where they can view the items, rotate them, turn  visibility on and off, and “disassemble” the 3D model to find parts that need to be replaced.

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Why SIngeCa?

Engineering departments are loaded with responsibilities, one of which is to deliver results to the rest of the company, in a format they can use (drawings, bill of materials and models produced during the design).
To get this, you can take advantage of the counseling of those who can see the technical information in the context of other processes, to get the most from CAD.

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Design Automation

CAD Inventor is a solid foundation for design and mechanical engineering, and it also provides powerful customization tools, because each industry has its specific features, each company has its own processes, its needs and its structure.
Leverages the flexibility of the CAD to get the most in your engineering reality.

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Right is the best

Information technology is no longer just a possibility, an occasional incidence, but a necessity to remain competitive. It deserves a specific and conscious treatment, which aligns the promises of technology with the facts companies want. 

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