ToDoT CAD Automation Start

ToDoT is designed to speed up the process when extracting graphics and data from a CAD model built with Autodesk Inventor to be used with other application. Start edition is focused on IDW drawings conversion to PDF, DWG, DXF, DWF.

ToDoT CAD Automation Start edition

This software is especially designed to interact with Inventor CAD and extract from digital prototype data to be used outside technical department. ToDoT is suited for mass production companies and for engineering to order as well.

Main features:

  • Works with Autodesk inventor 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017;
  • User can select an .IAM assembly and obtain a list of all drawings made for all components groups and sub-components. (Note: this feature works if drawings are saved on the same path of the corresponding 3D model);
  • Graphical user interface to show assembly structure (all levels) and icons to highlight related drawings if found;
  • User can select one folder and process al drawing contained; subfolders are processed as well;
  • Preview image for selected items;
  • User can select/deselect items to be included in the conversion process;
  • User can select the folder to save converted files in, or let them be stored in the same path as the original .IDW;
  • Export formats: DWG, DXF, PDF, DWF, DWFx;

Take a quick tour; this video shows user interface and main features in less than two minutes:

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Data sheet

  • System requirements: ToDoT can be used on windows workstations where Autodesk Inventor 2012, 2013 or 2014 is installed;
  • How to buy: product is downloadable and license is delivered in our online shop;
  • Demo version: product can be downloaded at any time from our online shop, once downloaded it can be installed immediately and will be fully functional for an evaluation period of 30 days. After evaluation period an activation code will be required to unlock the program;
  • Installation: download  file is a .zip package; once downloaded unzip on a temporary folder and launch setup;

ToDoT CAD Automation Premium edition

ToDoT premium extends the ease of use of ToDoT Start to print management.

ToDoT CAD Automation premium edition

The digital world is revolutionizing manufacturing, but paper printout are still widely used, at least for the control of the drawings. This often means having to print all drawings in a group or even an entire machine.

ToDoT Premium has a simple user interface, the same as ToDoT start, therefore you just need to select an assembly, and the program retrieves all component's drawings (the drawing must have the same filename as the corresponding 3D). The user can confirm whether to print all or make custom selections.

The print is forwarded on the right device according to the size and format, there are different combinations of options (eg.: print to the real size, reduced A4, etc.).

Concentrate on your project, leaving the repetitive work to ToDoT: Stop wasting time on things that can be done automatically.

Main features:

  • Compatible with Autodesk Inventor version 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017;
  • Same user interface as ToDoT Start to display the structure of the assembly and its subgroups, with icon to show whether the drawing is available;
  • Selection from assembly (starting from the main assembly you get the list of all the components drawings: this feature is available if drawings are on the same path to the corresponding 3D, and with the same name);
  • Selection from file system folders;
  • Configurable printers maps;
  • Capability to preset different printing configurations;