DBInventor's “Check-out” function to improve collaboration among users


DBInventor's “Check-out” function to improve collaboration among users

Are you an Autodesk Inventor user looking for a safe and effective way to work on a project with other colleagues simultaneously, while ensuring that changes made by a user on the other's work do not interfere?

Don't want to waste hours of work on a component unnecessarily while, for example, two users work on different assemblies but with common components?

It is possible thanks to the "Check-out" function of DBInventor, the addin of Mechworks PDM for Autodesk Inventor.

The "Check-out" function allows you to:

  • have only one user modify the component at a time;
  • notify each user of the modification of a component open in the Inventor session (read only);
  • update the session with the modification of the component.

Thanks to DBInventor's “Check-out” function, you work in a safe and controlled environment.

The DBInventor PDM is so integrated into the CAD that it allows you to easily use several functions, such as the automation of repetitive operations (prints, conversions, bill of materials, etc.).

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