Get the most out of your software's technical assistance


Get the most out of your software's technical assistance

Like every morning, you woke up and headed to your desk to work on your project. Start your PC, get a notification that the operating system has just updated, and then realize that something is wrong but you are in a hurry because you have to deliver the work in the day. What do you do?

Luckily, when you purchased your software, you took the time to select a partner who would guarantee you a good level of technical support. Therefore, you will contact the help desk to solve the problem and you will be able to deliver the project on schedule.

Have you tried to think how much it would cost you not to finish your job?

Technical assistance is an important component of a software project.

It supports you in case of:

  1. malfunctions that block your business;
  2. doubts about the use of some functions;
  3. CAD updates that affect your PDM.


1. Malfunctions

During the day various things can happen that change the working environment, automatic updates of the operating system that cause malfunctions, installations of other software, antivirus that go crazy overnight, replacement of hardware, etc.

A proven and tested thing does not necessarily remain the same over time because the ground can shift under its feet.

2. Ask to the expert

In addition to malfunctions, technical assistance is also useful for answering questions about the use of some features of the software. Although the system is intuitive, everything is documented and training courses are carried out, it is not certain that all users are always using all the available functions. Companies always try to set the processes and working methods in a uniform and planned way, but the exception happens every now and then, and consequently the help of an expert is convenient.

3.Maintenance plan

Finally, it is important to consider that software evolves and updates itself. Think of a maintenance plan to keep your software adequate with new CAD versions. Updates and service packs are also released within the same CAD version, therefore it is important to be in a position to receive updates also within your PDM and your ToDoT.


Singeca is an Authorized Reseller of Mechworks PDM and has always been specialized in integrating systems into business processes. We are Authorized Inventor and Bricscad Developers.

We provide first-level assistance directly to the user, to ensure that productivity remains at its peak.


If your company uses Autocad, Inventor, Solid Works or Solid Edge, most likely we have the experience that is right for you:

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