PDM Consultant: a very important choice


PDM Consultant: a very important choice


When you buy a PDM software (such as DBWorks, DBInventor, DBSolidedge, etc ...) you receive a product already complete with all the main functions, integrated with the CAD and that you can use "turnkey". All true in theory, but in practice you should consider some aspects, including:

  • you don't start from scratch: your company already has a history of documents, drawings and technical data, a part number system and a documents filing procedure. Do you know how to integrate them into your new PDM?
  • the technical office is not an island, but a reality that exchanges data and information on a daily basis with the other company departments. Do you know how to get the technical office to communicate with other departments and with other information systems?

And this is where the Reseller joins the game, a key figure when it comes to PDM. He must be specialized and competent, able to follow and support you in all phases of the project.

Our advice, in choosing the most suitable PDM software for your Company, is to also take the time to select the most suitable Consultant for your needs.


The skills of a PDM Consultant

Before choosing your PDM Authorized Dealer, make sure he is are able to:

  • implement your coding and protocol plan on the PDM;
  • find the best strategy to record and archive your existing data as much as possible: it is normal that during a PDM project you take the opportunity to review the processes, the way of working (also with a view to automating as many things as possible) , but a strategic point is the ability to treasure the company's history and the archive as a whole;
  • find the best strategy for communicating with other information systems (exchange personal data and lists with ERP systems, automatically make pdf and dwg versions of drawings available for suppliers and the workshop, export lists and shot-blasted images for catalogs and manuals, etc. etc.);
  • implement workflow and automation of repetitive steps during the document life cycle (releases, approvals, conversions).

All these steps take place at different moments of a PDM project, but we advise you to be forward-looking in the Reseller choice, so that he is able to support you in all the project development.


Experience and Specialization

Two more aspects that should not be underestimated in choosing a PDM Consultant are experience and specialization.

The Consultant of your PDM will not only deal with the sale of the software but will be a real technical partner who will take care of providing you with strategic advice, suggesting the solutions that best suit your company.

Singeca is an Authorized Reseller of Mechworks PDM and has always specialized in integrating systems into business processes. We are Authorized Inventor and Bricscad Developers.

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