The advantages of PDF 3D


The advantages of PDF 3D

Your product is designed to solve a problem to your client: the way you present it and teach how to use it is a part of the solution. Digital file is the most common and effective method to share information, but when the product becomes large and complex, the information becomes large and complex as well. With 3D pdf you can navigate through the product information following a physical representation of the product: an effective and natural way.

3D graphics puts the product in your hands, you navigate it and identify the various parts and then link to other detailed information (data sheets, installation instructions, etc.), anyone can view the PDF3D because Acrobat is practically everywhere, and those who don’t have it, can easily download it. Once design is completed in Inventor, you can share its representation in a 3D PDF file, to show the same 3D scene you see in Inventor.

Imagine to send 3D enriched data sheet to potential customers, or give it to your  salesforce to present interactively the features of your product to prospective customers.

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