ToDoT CAD Automation for Bricscad

ToDoT CAD Automation for Bricscad is designed to automate repetitive processes and free up time for more productive tasks. It has a convenient interface, with several conversion and printing options.

Automate the conversion of DGW files to PDF and set up automatic paper printing.

Find out how simple is to use it:


Main features:

  • Select a file system folder to process the drawings contained in it and in all subfolders;
  • Displays a preview image of the selected items;
  • Include / exclude elements from the list of drawings to be processed;
  • Save the converted files on the same path as the starting IDWs, or choose a single destination folder;
  • Export format: PDF

How to buy:

ToDoT CAD Automation for Autocad is available via download. To purchase the license you can use our e-commerce.

Payment methods accepted:
- Credit card
- Paypal
- Wire transfer

To receive an offer by email, write to

The 30-DAYS FREE TRIAL, once installed, will work in all its parts even without a license for an evaluation period of 30 days, after which a code will be required to continue using it.

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