ToDoT CAD Automation

Automate printing and conversion of drawings for Autocad, Bricscad and Inventor. In addition, it makes batch printing possible by calling it from other programs via the command line (with Autocad).

Make your CAD easier to use and automate repetitive and tedious tasks


With ToDoT CAD Automation, when you finish your work in CAD, you can automatically convert and print all the drawings in your project.

The interface is convenient and offers various conversion and printing options.

ToDoT CAD Automation is suitable both where you plan to mass produce, and where you build machines to order and you need to quickly share drawings focusing on a project.

Export formats:

- Autocad: PDF
- Bricscad: PDF
- Inventor: DWG, DXF, PDF, DWF, DWFx

Main features

- Select an assembly and get the list of all the drawings associated with the components (for Inventor it is assumed that the drawings are on the same path as the corresponding 3D);

- Use a graphical interface to view the structure of the assembly and its subgroups, with an icon that indicates if the drawing is available (Inventor);

- Select a file system folder to process the drawings contained in it and in all subfolders;

- View a preview image of the selected items;

- Include / exclude elements from the list of drawings to be processed;

- Save converted files to the same path as the starting IDWs, or choose a unique destination folder.

ToDoT CAD Automation works with major CAD: Autocad, Bricscad and Inventor. Find out how simple and intuitive it is:




How to buy:

The product is available via download. To purchase the license you can use our e-commerce.

Payment methods accepted:
- Credit card
- Paypal
- Wire transfer

To receive an offer by email, write to

The 30-DAY FREE TRIAL, once installed, will work in all its parts even without a license for an evaluation period of 30 days, after which a code will be required to continue using it.

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