Quick Guide for Autocad

In this section we will show you how to use ToDoT CAD Automation with Bricscad. Find out how the main form is composed and learn how to convert DGW files to PDF and set up automatic paper printing.

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The main mask of the program

In the main menu you will find the buttons:

  • Browse: Displays DWG files contained in a folder (and its subfolders) in the main grid
  • Clear grid: clears the content of the grid (active only when the grid is filled in)
  • Exit: closes the application

The "Browse" button opens a mask for selecting a folder

Once the desired folder is selected the DWG files will be shown in the grid

Loading DWG files contained in a folder by dragging

The grid shows the DWG files contained in the selected folder

By selecting a DWG file in the grid you can also see its preview

In the options you can set:

  • The output paper size
  • The settings for searching the format of the DWG sheet you are printing
  • It is activated only by setting the destination sheet format as Automatic

By selecting the drop-down list "DWG sheet setup" a grid appears containing the following data:

  • Name: Name of the setting
  • Title block TAG: Name or initial part of the name of the block that defines the title block
  • File size TAG: Name of the block that contains the size of the sheet
  • Scale TAG: Name of the attribute that contains the scale
  • Space: Type of the space of the DWG to be printed (model, paper)

The PDF group allows the conversion of selected DWGs (checked) in the main grid to PDF.

  • “PDF file output folder”: where the created PDFs will be saved and must be filled in before starting the conversion.
  • Ignore colors
  • Create PDF: Starts converting the selected files to PDF

The “plot” group allows you to print on paper the DWG files selected (with a checkmark) in the grid

  • Printers profile: Allows you to select a group of print parameters;
  • Print on paper: Starts the print on paper of the DWG

The “Print Profile” drop-down list allows you to select the print profile to be used in plotting the DWG file from a grid.

The grid contains:

  • Profile name;
  • For each configuration
    • Paper size of the DWG sheet to be printed;
    • Printer Name;
    • Name of the printer on which to print the DWG sheet format;
    • Paper size printer;
    • Format of the printer sheet on which to print the DWG sheet;
    • Scale;
    • Rotation;
    • All Black;
    • License management mask

License management mask

The mask can be accessed by clicking the "License management" button on the main mask

To request license activation, click on the "Generate" button to generate the data for the request

Once you have received the activation code, press the paste key and then Register