The best solution for managing product data throughout the life cycle.


Singeca for Mechworks PDM

We are Authorized Resellers of Mechworks PDM software. We have always dealt with the integration of systems into business processes, we offer customized consultations to develop the most suitable IT solutions. Our skills and experience are at your service. The reasons for choosing us as your PDM development partner


What it is

The software that manages product data throughout the life cycle. Mechworks PDM improves productivity and speeds up design times. Find data quickly, track changes, revisions, and design history. It controls the data that users can see or modify, shares information with other corporate (eg: Purchasing Department) and non-corporate (eg: Suppliers) entities and connects technical offices that work in different locations.

Why choose it

Reference point for the technical office for over 20 years, Mechworks PDM is the software that keeps pace with the evolutions of CAD. Thanks to the features for monitoring the design processes, it helps the technical department to make the most of project data. A set of features facilitates sharing among team members, revision management, search and reuse of data. It offers intuitive administration, configuration and scalability capabilities for the entire company.


Main features

  • Controlled access archive
  • File indexing
  • Management of document reviews
  • Priority check on files (CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT)
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Bill of Materials Management (BOM)
  • Organization of document flows (WORKFLOWS)
  • Integration with other business applications (CAD, MRP and / or ERP)
  • Management of change orders


Not just for designers

Access PDM data even if you don't have CAD installed on your computer. Give your sales, purchasing or warehouse department the ability to find, manage and produce documentation (Autodesk AutoCAD and Microsoft Office Word and Excel) without the need to have a CAD drawing environment installed.


Development environments: Inventor, Solidworks, Solidedge, Autocad, Bricscad and much more.


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