ToDoT Smart Publish

Spare parts catalog from Inventor design: ToDoT smart publish transfer the documentation from CAD to a spare parts catalog. No longer: ''open-convert-copy-paste-repaginate'' but: "Load assembly – run smart publish"; ToDoT then does its job. The catalog is fully customizable.

ToDoT Smart Publish makes the layout of the spare parts catalogs fast and automatic interacting with Autodesk Inventor and Microsoft Office. This way, machinery manufacturers can provide the accompanying documentation without engaging technical department in repetitive tasks to extract drawings, data and graphics from CAD drawings.

Machinery builders must also produce a lot of documentation, including the spare parts catalog. Who makes special machines engineered to order must practically make an ad hoc documents kit on every sale.

Much of the work is to assemble information that derive from the design, which is found in the CAD files (drawings, BOM, exploded views, etc.). The problem is to transfer the information from design documents, suitable to the study and production of the machines, in a format easy to consult and cross-reference for anyone involved in the subsequent maintenance. This basically means a laborious "Open - Convert - Copy - Paste - Repaginate".


Watch this short presentation to see how it works:

How it works

ToDoT Smart Publish automates the tasks to read the drawings from Autodesk Inventor, preprocess the graphics and layout it in Excel, with a super easy workflow:
  • User creates a template with the structure of the catalog;
  • With ToDoT editor loads an assembly (or more), and associate the subgroups to the sections provided for the spare parts catalog. These settings can be saved to reuse for similar catalogs;
  • Then the processing starts: ToDoT processes the assembly, opens the selected drawing in Inventor, extracts graphics and BOMs, paginates on an Excel file;
  • Optionally saves the catalog directly in .pdf, or launches a customizable post-production module (for example to create summaries at the end of the file, extract information from other data sources, etc.);
Compatible with Inventor 2015, 2016, 2017 windows operating system. It requires Microsoft Office 2010 or higher.

Thanks to the program's ease of configuration and customization, normally you can use it right away, even on legacy data without having to modify existing designs.

The user interface is convenient and intuitive, and provides all the accessories used to handle even larger projects:

  • Multi-criteria filters;
  • Dynamic preview of the selected items;
  • Ability to launch directly into Inventor a file for changes/accommodations;

ToDot Smart Publish