We build specific solutions for your company


A mechanical CAD, designed to provide tools suitable for the entire industrial landscape, focuses on general design workflows, and cannot cover all the needs of each niche 100%.

For this reason, the manufacturer provides the tools to program new functions within the CAD or interface it with other systems, so as to build customized solutions that exploit Autodesk Inventor technology even for very specific automation needs in the project.


What we do

Our team develops customized solutions to use the standard platform of mechanical design and simulation, as well as dedicated tool for specific engineering workflows.
We automate the work of designers, improve the design workflow, create interfaces with other programs to create real configurators and develop ad hoc programs to meet the specific needs of the company.

How we work

Each project has its own story, but all of them must be examined with the same method consolidated over the years which guarantees the right balance between best practices and customization. The first step is to accurately identify the current situation, interfaces and constraints with respect to business processes, and then define the objectives. Once the direction has been clarified, the most suitable technology and development strategy is identified in order to finally plan and develop the solution.

Want to customize your CAD?